The Carpinteria Valley Water District’s service area is approximately 11,300 acres. Domestic water service is provided to a population of about 15,619 and approximately 3,253 acres of irrigated crops, ranging from lemons and avocados to various nursery products, through a total of 4,503 service connections. Currently the District relies on three sources of supply to meet water demand in its service area. These are the Cachuma Project, the State Water Project, and local groundwater.

Cachuma Project: The District receives 50 to 70% of its water from the Cachuma Project which stores water in Lake Cachuma. The District’s annual allotment for Cachuma Project Water is 2813 acre feet per year but it receives as much as 400 acre feet per year in addition from an exchange with the Santa Ynez Water Conservation District, Improvement District No. 1.

State Water Project: The District has an allotment of State Water of 2000 acre feet per year with an additional 200 acre foot per year of drought buffer.

Groundwater: Based on annual availability of other supplies, the District pumps approximately 2,200 acre-feet of groundwater per year from the Basin.

In 2012 the District completed an updated the Carpinteri Groundwater Basin (CGB) hydrogeologic budget and updated groundwater model that improved the District's understanding of the basin and it's water balance. In this update the District reduced its longterm average annual operational yield from 5000 AF/Y to 4000 AF/Y.

2012 Groundwater Model Report This is a very large file ~ 35 MB.

Annual Groundwater Reports:
• 2015 and 2016

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