Take care of what we have, fix what needs it, and plan for the future! These words are pretty simple but convey the essence of Carpinteria Valley Water District's Capital Improvement Program.

Carpinteria Reservoir Cover
This $6 million project was completed in 2004. The new cover, a response to the California Department of Health Services 1995 policy addressing open reservoirs, has resulted in dramatically improved drinking water quality and a much more secure facility. It was funded with a low interest loan from the California Department of Health Services.

Foothill Reservoir
This $9.7 million project was completed in October 2007. The Project consisted of the construction of a 3.0 million gallon (MG) underground water storage tank and related facilities for District purposes, annexation to the District of 2,265 acres of mostly Rancho Monte Alegre (RMA) lands, and construction of water facilities for purposes of serving RMA properties.
The 3 MG tank will have long lasting benefit to the District. It will enable efficient utilization of District wells, help the District meet the new and more stringent water quality standards set by the US Environmental Protection Agency, and provide local independence and reliability for the delivery of water to most all of the customers within the City of Carpinteria. All RMA facility costs are being paid for by the ranch owners. District project costs were funded by proceeds from the January 2000 sale of Certificates of Participation (COPS).

Ortega Reservoir Cover
This $20 million project, planned for the same reasons as the Carpinteria Reservoir project, was completed in 2007. Located in Summerland in an area that is now served by the Montecito Water District, the federally owned Ortega Reservoir serves the Carpinteria Valley as well as the Summerland area. Montecito Water District was the lead agency for this project and paid for half of the $20 million cost. Carpinteria Valley Water District utilized low interest loan funds from the California Department of Health Services to pay most of its $10 million share of the Project.

Headquarters Well
This $1.8 million well and iron and manganese filtration plant project was completed in 2005. The well is a big producer, capable of up to 1,500 gallons per minute. The well project has been expanded to include injection capabilities with the assistance of a $125,000 grant from the Department of Water Resources. This new well replaces the loss of groundwater supply associated with a failed well on the same District headquarters site nearby. A low interest loan from the Department of Health Services funded this project.

El Carro Well #2
This project was partially funded through a $2 million grant from the State of California through Proposition 50. The Project replaces the failed El Carro Well # 1 with a newly drilled well at the same location and nearly doubled the District’s current groundwater production capacity, resulting in increased blending capacities as well as enhanced water supply reliability for the District. The Project will help improve the quality of the drinking water for District customers.

Central Zone Pipeline Improvement Project
This project was partially funded through a $2 million grant from the State of California through Proposition 50. The Central Zone Transmission Main (CZ Main) Project is a 12-inch transmission main running along El Carro Lane from El Carro Park to the District's pipeline near Santa Monica Creek. The purpose and benefits of the CZ Main are to provide a transmission main for the El Carro Well to the Foothill reservoir and create a centralized pressure zone in the populated areas of Carpinteria.

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