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CVWD encourages all Carpinteria residents to conserve water both inside and outside the home. Listed below are tips, resources and programs to help you save water and money without a major lifestyle change.

How-To Videos
Check out the California Urban Water Conservation Council’s video library for landscaping ideas.

Free Water Check-ups!
CVWD offers residential customers free water check-ups to help identify ways to improve water efficieny, eliminate water waste and save money. As part of the check-up, the District also provides free low-flow faucet aerators and showerheads to replace existing high-volume fixtures.

Please call (805) 684-2816 ext 116 or email to schedule your free check-up today!

Conservation Rebate Programs - The District offers rebates on several water conserving items. For more information, visit the District's Rebate Page.

Conservation Tips
• Turn off the water when you brush your teeth - saves between 1 - 2 gallons per minute.
• Shorten your showers by two minutes - saves 5 gallons per shower.
• Replace an older, high water using clothes washing machine with a high efficiency model - saves approximately 20 – 30 gallons per load.
• Water your landscape early in the morning or late at night
• Adjust sprinklers to prevent overspray and runoff.
• Place mulch throughout your garden to reduce evaporation, even soil temperature and reduce weed growth – save hundreds of gallons per year
• Plant low water using plants such as California Natives - save hundreds of gallons per year

For more great ideas on how to save water around the house, visit

Conservation Programs
Green Gardener Program – Locate a gardener trained on water efficient and sustainable gardening practices.

Conservation Resources
WaterWise in Santa Barbara County
Water-Wise Gardening in Santa Barbara County
Landscape Watering Calculator
Sprinkler to Drip Retrofit
Sprinkler to Rotary Nozzle

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