The Smart Rebates Program provides cash rebates on water conservation fixtures and appliances for residential and commercial customers. Visit the Smart Rebates Program website to download the application and to view additional information regarding the District's eligible rebate items listed below.

RESIDENTIAL REBATES - Devices Eligible for Rebates

High Efficiency Residential Toilets (HETs) - Up to $100
High Efficiency Residential Clothes Washers - Up to $150
Laundry to Landscape  - Up to $100.00 for components (Vacuum breaker, diverter valve, HDPE, anti-siphon)
Rain Barrels - Up to $75 per barrel.
Weather-Based Smart Irrigation Controllers - Up to $80 for an EPA WaterSense Certified Irrigation Controller

COMMERCIAL REBATES - Devices Eligible for Rebates

High Efficiency Water Sense Certified CommercialToilets - Up to $200
High Efficiency Urinals- Up to $300
High Efficiency Commercial Clothes Washers- Up to $400
Rain Barrels- Up to $75 per barrel
Weather-Based Smart Irrigation Controllers- Up to $80 for an EPA WaterSense Certified Irrigation Controller

Rebates are good on purchases made between January 1, 2016 to the present or until rebate funds are depleted, whichever comes first. Rebate funds are available on a first-come, first-serve basis. Rebate funds are reserved for each customer at the time the completed application is submitted. The rebate amount will not exceed the total cost of the device excluding tax, except asotherwise noted. Rebate checks will be issued for completed applications only.

All installations may be subject to inspection before rebates are issued.

Go to Smart Rebates Program websiter for more information and to download application or contact Rhonda at (805) 684-2816 ext. 116 or email SMART LANDSCAPE REBATE PROGRAM

The Smart Landscape Rebate covers a portion of the cost of pre-approved irrigation equipment (drip irrigation parts, sprinkler system efficiency retrofits, and rotating sprinkler nozzles), water-wise plants, mulch, artificial turf, and permeable surfaces. In addition, 50% of landscape design costs up to $250 can be rebated within the total rebate amount. Any combination of design costs, irrigation equipment and planting costs may qualify up to a one-time rebate of $500 for single family homes and up to $1,000 for commercial, multi-family and HOAs.

PROJECTS MUST BE PRE-APPROVED IN ADVANCE. The program is not retroactive. Each site must be pre-qualified for the rebate before old landscaping is removed or changed.  Landscapes for new construction are not eligible.
To schedule your pre-qualification site visit, before any work is done, please calll 684-2816 x116 or email

Below are sample WaterWise Landscape Rebate applications. The actual application will be filled out by staff during the pre-qualification site visit.

Sample Residential WaterWise Landscape Rebate Application
Sample Commercial, Multi-Family Residential & HOA WaterWise Landscape Rebate Application


Carpinteria residents are eligible to participate in the State's Turf Rebate Program and receive up to $1.50 per square foot of turf with a maximum of 1000 square feet of turf removed.. The District's landscape rebate program equates to .50 per square foot of turf removed with a maximum of 1000 square feet. Click here for more information.


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