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Water efficiency can reduce business costs while also helping to reduce environmental impacts. Below are water saving tips, programs and resources available to help you save water and money!

Free Water Check-Ups
CVWD offers commercial customers free water check-ups to help identify ways to improve efficiencies, eliminate water waste and save money. As part of the check-up, the District also provides free low-flow faucet aerators and showerheads to replace existing high-volume fixtures.

Please call (805) 684-2816 ext 116 or email to schedule your free check-up today!

Conservation Tips
• Regularly check for and repair all leaks
• Install low flow devices such as High Efficiency Toilets, faucet aerators and low water using pre-rinse spray valves
• Use “dry sweeping” to clean concrete or asphalt surfaces instead of using water to wash down surfaces or use a water efficient “Waterbroom”
• Eliminate all irrigation by planting native and very water wise plants that need irrigation only to be established

Conservation Programs
Restaurant – Serve Water On Request Table Tent Program
CVWD encourages area restaurants to serve water on request only and is happy to provide table tents that educate your customers about your water saving efforts.   

Green Business Program of Santa Barbara County  –  Become a Certified Green Business!
The Green Business Program of Santa Barbara County aims to recognize, through certification, local businesses going beyond required measures to serve as models of sustainable business.

Green Gardener Program – Locate a gardener trained on water efficient and sustainable gardening practices.

Conservation Resources
WaterSmart Guidebook: A Water Use Efficiency Plan and Review Guide  
Water Savings Calculator by Multi-housing Laundry Association 
Water-Wise Gardening in Santa Barbara County
Landscape Watering Calculator

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