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Conservation During Drought

On May 13, 2015 the Carpinteria Valley Water District Board of Directors declared a Stage Two Drought Condition. The severe drought conditions are impacting local water supplies and will require the community to go above and beyond current conservation efforts to extend supplies into the future if drought conditions persist. The Stage Two Drought Condition calls for a 25% community-wide reduction in water usage through mandatory water use restrictions.  You can learn more about these mandatory restrictions by clicking here.  

Using water wisely outdoors and indoors will help to stretch our water supplies even further.  Using water wisely does not require going without.  Rather, it means using water more efficiently so that you get the same benefits with less water.  We are here to help! The Carpinteria Valley Water District offers free water checkup to help identify ways to improve efficiencies, eliminate water waste, and save money. As part of the checkup, the District also provides free low-flow fixtures, such as faucet aerators, shower heads and garden nozzles to replace existing high-volume fixtures.

To assist customers in saving water, rebates are available for high efficiency fixtures and converting your high water using landscape to low or no water use.. Visit the Rebates page for more information on the District's programs.

Here are some tips to save and use our precious resource efficiently:

  • Inspect and replace or repair all leaking plumbing fixtures
  • Install high efficiency washing machines, dishwashers and toilets
  • Take shorter showers: turn water off while soaping up and/or washing hair
  • Capture pre-heated shower water in a bucket. Use that water for your plants.
  • Turn water off while brushing teeth, washing hands, etc.
  • Turn water off while washing dishes
  • Stop watering lawns
  • Adjust landscape irrigation to a minimum; no more than 2 days per week.
  • Redesign landscape to replace some or all with drought tolerant or native plants
  • Install water harvesting features including rain barrels and in-ground storage to capture rainfall runoff from roofs and pavement.
  • Install a Laundry to Landscape gray water system
  • Replace old irrigation systems with state of the art efficient drip or low precipitation spray systems

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