How do I start my water service account?
A water service account with CVWD may be opened either by:
- telephoning the District’s Customer Service at (805) 684-2816
- coming in to the District Office, 1301 Santa Ynez Avenue, located at the corner of Santa Ynez Avenue and Via Real, during business hours (8 a.m. – 5 p.m., Mon.- Fri.)

When you call or come in to open an account, that account will be put in your name – you may not establish an account for another person.

A deposit is required of all customers when opening a new account in order to establish credit worthiness. The deposit must be paid within 7 business days of the service start date in order to avoid interruption of service.

Other methods of establishing credit worthiness are:
• a current CVWD account in good standing
• receipt of a letter from another public water agency with the following information confirming the customer’s good credit account history for a current account with that agency:
    - date account was opened
    - statement indicating that there have been no shut offs for non-payment or door tags in the last 2 years
    - receipt of the letter prior to service start date

A current account includes an account closed at the request of the customer within 60 days of the new service request.

How do I stop my water service account?
A water service account with CVWD may be closed by phoning (805) 684-2816, or by requesting in person at the District Office. The District requests 24 hours notification when closing your account. There is no fee for closing your account.

Any customer who vacates premises being served water by the District and fails to request that service be taken out of their name shall be held responsible for all water used on those premises as well as monthly service charges up until the time the District has actual notice.

How do I obtain a new water service connection?
Every person desiring a new service connection must first submit a written application for service. The application is available to the applicant at the District Office,
1301 Santa Ynez Avenue.

When is my meter read?
Meters are read approximately every 30 days. Our billing is set on the 28th of each month; therefore we try our best to read the meter within that time frame.

What number do I call to report a water leak?
Call the District phone number at (805) 684-2816 to report a water leak 24 hours a day.

What causes water leaks?
Ground movement, pipe corrosion, soil conditions, or pipes damaged by others such as underground contractors.

What is CVWD’s responsibility regarding repairing leaks at a water meter?
CVWD is responsible for repair of leaks on the street side of the meter and the meter itself including the meter threads on the customer side of the meter. Any pipe repairs on the customer side of the meter are the responsibility of the customer.

What happens after a water leak is reported to CVWD?

The CVWD representative will dispatch an investigator to the leak location based on the information given by the caller. During the investigation, our representative will attempt to ascertain origin of the leak and if it is on the District’s pipes.

Will my water be turned off when the repair crews work on the water lines?

In some cases, it may be necessary to turn your water off while repairs are being performed. CVWD makes every effort in attempting to notify customers if a shutdown is planned.

How are leaks scheduled for repair?
Leak repairs are prioritized based on many factors including severity of the leak, impacts to public safety and/or the environment, probability of property damage, unsafe traffic conditions, or other issues specific to the situation. Large leaks causing water outage and those that might impact public safety/environment or cause property damage are typically repaired as soon as possible. Staff is available 24 hours a day to make emergency repairs. If the leak is small, the repair order is held to allow for notification of customers and other utilities and to schedule the work. The Underground Service Alert requires 48 hours notice for planned repairs to allow agencies to locate their utilities. Examples of utilities include gas, electricity, sewer, etc.

How long will repairs take?
The duration of repairs depends on the severity of the leak as well as weather conditions.

How late/early does CVWD work to repair a leak?
CVWD responds to emergencies and conducts emergency maintenance repairs 24 hours a day and seven days a week including holidays. Non-emergency planned maintenance is usually scheduled during normal business hours. In some cases non-emergency jobs may be done after hours for traffic, business, or other considerations.

Will CVWD show me how to repair my leak?
For liability reasons, CVWD employees are not allowed to advise you on repairs to your plumbing system.

Does CVWD recommend specific plumbers to call?
No, CVWD does not recommend specific plumbers.

If my neighbor has a leak on his/her property, should I call CVWD to turn off their water?
You should first attempt to contact your neighbor and inform them about their leak. If you are unable to contact your neighbor and you feel the leak may cause damage to your property or to the property of others, then you should call CVWD and request your neighbor’s meter be turned off. If it is determined that the leak is severe or may cause damage, and your neighbor is unaware of the leak or cannot be contacted, we will turn off the water and leave a note informing them of the action taken.

The Carpinteria Valley Water District can be reached at (805) 684-2816.

Questions and comments can also be sent online or mailed to:
Carpinteria Valley Water District
1301 Santa Ynez Ave
Carpinteria, CA 93013

The telephone number for the EPA’s Safe Drinking Water Hotline is (800) 426-4791.

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