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Fu Zhengyu looked around, then whispered a side head for Lingnan one. After the car, the driver and two bodyguards standing TIPS ten steps away from the car place, carefully watching over four weeks. So no one can hear christian louboutin shoes speak. They are sitting in the back, Fu Zhengyu face a lot of seriousness, asked suddenly, you're Cultivation, right? Lingnan nothing to hide, generously acknowledged. Fu Zhengyu 's eyes lit up. Home pay is a strength, but the influence is only valid for the average person. Of course, to the christian louboutins this level, for the Cultivation has also been heard.

But, christian louboutin sale never did succeed it. Paid family also vaguely know some family Cultivation presence even put in contact with low stance, but failed to get a response. Cultivation sectarian high above, this level is also home pay of reach. Cultivation large family hidden in the city, have their own regulations, absolutely not absorb ordinary mortal family. Unless you have good seedling emergence spiritual roots in this family, the family would never otherwise Cultivation willing to absorb this capacity origin disciples. Cultivation each family has its own tradition, but do not want to have a new family Cultivation rise.

As casual repair, or hiding in the mountains of overseas practice, either family has long been recruiting. Even among true family in the mortal world, are also a large family that power and wealth are top notch. Aoki and ancient vegetarian like this help Liu Jing, bigger reason is that the relationship between grandfather and Liu Jing Gu Zhai, otherwise to Liu 's forces are not possible to have two buildings scattered repair base period value. It also has Lingnan and Liu Jing Gu Zhai overawed two people will be able to help the cause. Of course, some of the country's top family, or the real ruler, the relationship christian louboutin discount Once upon a very close relationship with the repair.

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