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Robert T. McDonald, General Manager
805-684-2816 Ext 112

Day-to-day management of the District is the responsibility of the General Manager, Robert. McDonald. He has served as General Manager since July 1, 2016. Mr. McDonald served as District Engineer for 16 years. A 1992 graduate of Cal Poly Pomona, he is a registered civil engineer and also holds a masters degree in Public Administration from Cal State Northridge (2013)

Mr. McDonald is responsible for implementation of policies established by the Board of Directors and for planning, organizing, staffing, coordinating, budgeting and directing all activities of the District.



Norma Rosales, Assistant General Manager
805-684-2816 Ext 105

Mrs. Rosales has served as Assistant General Manager since February 2011 and as Business Manager/District Auditor since December 6, 1999. Prior to joining the District team Mrs. Rosales worked with The Rehabilitation Institute of Santa Barbara as their Staff Accountant and also with Girls Incorporated of Greater Santa Barbara as their Bookkeeper. Mrs. Rosales holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Economics with Accounting Emphasis from the University of California at Santa Barbara.

As Assistant General Manager, reporting to the General Manager, Mrs. Rosales is responsible for overseeing the business, finance and accounting activities of the District. She is responsible for preparing operating and capital budgets and financial reports; handles investment management, debt management, cash management and bank reconciliations; and personnel related matters. Mrs. Rosales is assisted by Administrative Analyst, Alex Keuper, Accountant, Laurie Richards,  Account Clerk III, Esperanza Barbosa, Account Clerk II, Abigail Martinez and Administrative Assistant/Board Secretary, Ursula Santana..


Brian King, District Engineer
805-684-2816 Ext 107

Mr. King, reports to the General Manager and is responsible for managing the Engineering Department activities. The Engineering Department activities include evaluating, planning, designing and implementing operational and capital projects for the District. This involves oversight of professional consultants as well as detailed analysis and design work. The Engineering Department is also responsible for various water supply and quality activities including water conservation and Bureau of Reclamation activities related to agriculture. Engineering support staff include Associate Engineer, Jeremy Rentch, Engineering Technician/Water Conservation Specialist, Rhonda Gutierrez, Field Engineering Technician I, Danielle Rose, and Field Technician-Customer Service, Noah Von Doeren,

Operations & Maintenance

Greg Stanford, Operations and Maintenance Manager
805-6842816 Ext 114

Mr. Stanford, reports to the General Manager and is responsible for overseeing operations and maintenance activities for the District. These O&M activities include repair and maintenance of the District’s system of wells, pumps, reservoirs, pipelines, valves and other facilities. Operations is responsible for general inventory, maintenance of the District‘s fleet of vehicles, building and grounds maintenance, and Mr. Stanford serves as the District’s Safety officer. Operations also assists the Engineering Department with water quality monitoring and reporting, Operations staff is required to maintain appropriate levels of Department of Health Services certification. Operation’s support staff under Mr. Stanford's direction include Danny Rada, Lance Edmondson, Jacob De Los Reyes, Eric Fleming, Curtis Bowles, John Damato and James Gilbert.

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